Pediatric Moneyball was launched with a one-day conference for corporate and non-profit leaders, experts, and innovators across key industries.

The purpose of the conference is to foster meaningful dialogue about the economics of investing in our nation's children and the power of

  • Technology, including telemedicine, informatics, and mobile devices;

  • Consumerism, a growing trend among millennial parents; and

  • Population Health, especially in relation to value-based care

to transform the American healthcare system. The information- and inspiration-packed agenda

  1. Delivered powerful examples, evidence, and a framework for thinking about investing in children's health;

  2. Offered inspiring stories of America’s history of innovation alongside current examples of innovation in action; and

  3. Challenged attendees to help turn today’s opportunities into tomorrow’s reality for all Americans.

Learn more about the conference, which was held on October 11, 2018 in Washington, D.C.,  here.

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